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What to Expect From a Mobile Home Agent When You Are Buying a Manufactured Home?

More than 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, and couples nowadays are looking for manufactured homes to start their lives anew. Financing and buying a mobile home is poles apart from traditional homes, requiring the need of mobile home agents. So following are some of the things that you can expect from a mobile home agent when buying a manufactured home:

  1. Assists in Mobile Home Escrow’

Escrow agents are a neutral external party’s sale middlemen. A law abiding mobile home agent is well aware of the escrow law contained in “California Health and Safety Code”. This law is applicable whenever there is a dealer involved and it primarily protects the rights of the consumer.

  1. Helps in Getting Mobile Home Financing

It is not simple to get a loan for a mobile home. A responsible mobile home agent will let you know about all the options available for obtaining the most favorable type of mobile home financing. The agent will let you know how you can avail a traditional mortgage as opposed to the less generous chattel mortgage.

  1. Negotiate Health and Safety Repairs

If you are buying a used mobile home, then it may not exactly be in a safe condition. A decent mobile home agent will negotiate any such repairs from the seller so that you make a good deal.

  1. Research Parks and Assist in Park Approval

Researching parks with available space for your manufactured home is also a tedious job but getting approval is far more troublesome. A mobile home agent will talk on the behalf of the buyer and research the parks that are best suited to your requirements.

Choosing a mobile home agent is in the best interests of the buyer. The mobile home sales agents at Mobile Home Agents will ensure that you make a favorable deal.

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